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Car Audio City in National City is San Diego's best auto shop for audio and video systems, Lambo doors installation, car security/alarms, window tinting and more.

Car Window Tinting with Premium Window Film at San Diego

Car window tinting can offer added privacy and sun protection while driving, making the interior of your car feel cool and the exterior of your car look cool! Contact the window tinting experts at Car Audio City today.

Professional Car Window tinting in San Diego

Best window tinting San Diego

Window tinting is not for amateurs, it requires a trained specialist with years of experience in getting car windows tinted. If you are looking for premium car window tinting in San Diego and National City, contact Car Audio City today.  Window tinting is by appointment only.

We Use Only the Best Window Tinting Film at Car Audio City

High Quality Window Tinting in San Diego.

Our professional window tinting technicians use only the best materials to ensure there are no bubbles or tears. We want your car tinted windows to look great not only when you leave the shop, but also years down the road. The window tint film we use, American Standard Window Film (ASWF), is made in the USA and offers superior quality and durability. ASWF window tints don't contain metal, so they won't turn purple either like other cheaper tint films. From a single stripe to multiple windows, we are the best window tinting specialists in San Diego.

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The Benefits of Car Window Tinting & Tinted Windows

While window tinting offers a certain aesthetic value, it also provides many benefits to both your car and your personal health.  Our window tinting film can help protect your windshield from debris and small rocks. The film adhesive also minimizes shattering in case of an accident, helping to protect the driver and rest of the vehicle from damage and shards of glass.

Summers in San Diego can be quite brutal and window tinting helps block out the sun’s harmful UV rays. Not only does a high-quality window tint job help preserve the interior of your car including the dashboard and leather seats by preventing it from fading and cracking in the hot sun, it also protects your skin from sun damage. Keeping your car looking fresh with tinted windows at Car Audio City in San Diego. 

Get Window Tinting in San Diego at Car Audio City in National City

At Car Audio City, our professional technicians use only the best window tinting materials like American Standard Window Film—one of the best and most trusted brands in tint. Give us a call at (619) 474-8551 or drop by to see why we are known as one of the best window tinting auto shops in San Diego. 

Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some unanswered questions about window tinting? The window tinting experts at Car Audio City in National City answer some of the most frequently asked questions about window tinting.

How Long Does Auto Film Installation Take?

For Most Vehicles, Installing Auto Tint Should Take One Or Two Hours. Additional Time May Be Required For Larger Vehicles, Those With Multiple Windows, And Cars With Existing Auto Film That Requires Removal. 

Can I Use My Windows As Normal After An Auto Tint Installation?

In The First 24 Hours Following Auto Film Installation, It's Important Not To Roll Down Your Windows As The Auto Tint Begins To Cure. After That, You May Use Any Automated Window Features Normally, Without Fear Of Damaging The Window Tinting. That Includes Window Auto-defrosters.

What If There Are Bubbles Or Haze In My Auto Film?

Do Not Be Alarmed: For The First Days And Week Following Installation, It's Normal To Notice A Foggy Or Even Bubbly Appearance In Auto Tint While It Cures. Thanks To Our Dry, Sunny Weather, In San Diego Window Tinting Tends To Cure Faster, Within A Few Days. But During Cool And Wet Times, This Process Could Take As Long As A Month. In The Unlikely Event The Auto Film Doesn't Clear Up In That Time, The Car Audio City Installation Warrantee Covers A Replacement.

How Long Will Window Tinting Last?

These Days, Well-made Auto Tint Uses Materials Designed Resist Fading In The Sun. That Means An Auto Film Installation Should Maintain Its Integrity For More Than A Decade, As Long As It's Protected From Contact With Hard Or Sharp Objects. At Car Audio City In San Diego, We Avoid Outdated And Poor Quality Window Tinting That Peels, Cracks, And Fades Over Time, And Choose Reputable Brands Protected By A Manufacturer's Warranty.

What's The Best Way To Clean Auto Film?

The Most Important Thing To Remember When Cleaning Window Tinting Is To Not Use Any Cleaner Containing Ammonia! Several Brands Of Dedicated Auto Film Cleaners Are Available At Auto Parts Retailers, And Any Of Them Will Work Fine. However, In A Pinch, You Can Always Just Use Dish Soap And Water.

What Are The Laws About Auto Tint In San Diego?

The State Of California Restricts The Amount Of Window Tinting Allowed In Your Vehicle. First, The Windshield Itself Cannot Be Tinted Other Than A Transparent Strip Across The Top Five Inches, To Prevent Glare. 

Driver And Passenger Side Windows May Be Tinted, But Only With An Auto Film With A Minimum Of 70-percent Vlt (Visible Light Transmission), Meaning At Least 70-percent Of Visible Light Passes Through. The Back Windows And Rear Windshield May Be Tinted Without Restriction. However, Any Vehicle With Tinted Windows Must Have Dual Side Mirrors With At Least 200 Feet Of Visibility.
Within San Diego, Colored Window Tints Are Not Allowed, And Drivers Must Show Proof Their Auto Tint Manufacture Is Certified Within The State. Car Audio City Only Installs Certified Auto Tint In San Diego.

What Type Of Auto Tint Should I Use?

Today's Auto Film Market Features A Combination Of Dyed-film, Metalized Film, Ceramic Film, Carbon Film, And Various Hybrids. Depending On Your Budget And Needs, The Many Options Can Get Confusing. That's What We're Here For. For San Diego Window Tinting, Consult With Car Audio City.

Contact Car Audio City For Window Tinting in National City

Car Audio City is known throughout San Diego as having the best car window tinting installation in National City, providing individuals with incredible custom tint jobs. If you are interested in tinting the windows of your car, contact Car Audio City today. Give us a call at (619) 474-8551.