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4 Things You Have to Do After Tinting Car Windows

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4 Things You Have to Do After Tinting Car Windows

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If you want your car window tint to look perfect, what you do in the first few days after installation is crucial. Eventually, any quality tinted window film installed by Car Audio City will prove durable and cleanly applied. However, the window tint will be vulnerable while its adhesives dry, so even little, honest mistakes can damage an otherwise perfect application.

A common question from customers who have just put tinted windows on their car, is “Why Can't I Roll Down My Windows After Tinting?” The answer is that the adhesives holding the tinted window film in place take time to dry, and until they do, friction caused by rolling down the window could scrape film from the glass. Leave them rolled up at least two to four days.

Here Are 4 Things You Can Do to Ensure Your New Window Tint Experience Goes Well

1. Be Patient With Window Tint Bubbles

Everybody who lived through the 1980s knows about the dreaded air bubbles that can become trapped in cheap window film, ruining a window tint forever. However, window tint bubbles you notice after an install are much more likely to be caused by moisture, and should evaporate within a few days, as the tint cures. As for how long bubbles stay in window tint, times will vary depending on climate, but give it four days at least.

2. Skip the Car Wash

Another question new tinted window customers commonly ask is, “When can you wash your car after tinting windows?” The good news here is that the tinted window film is applied to the inside of the car, so a new window tint won’t be under threat if you drive through dirt or mud. However, washing those windows afterwards may add enough moisture to impede the drying process; hold off until you’re sure the tint has cured completely.

3. Let the Tint Dry

It takes a little patience, but the bottom line is you want to do everything you can to let tinted window film dry before doing anything that could damage it. San Diego sunshine can help, and in general window tint cure times are shorter in summer, meaning two to four days.

However, the window tint cure time during winter and rainy months can extend the wait as long as a month. That’s going to be less common for a window tint installation in San Diego, but if you find that’s the case, there are things you can do to speed up window tint drying. For example, park in direct sunlight on clear days, but if you can, park inside on cool or rainy days, as well as overnight.

4. Turn Up the Music and Drive - But Don't Roll Down Your Windows After Tinting

Once enough time has passed, you may go ahead and proceed with routine use of your car, knowing your tinted window film will remain ins good shape. We recommend leaving them rolled up anyway, cranking up your car stereo, and going for a ride in your newly tinted automobile. Don’t worry, the cars next to you won’t see you singing along.

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