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How to Choose the Best Window Tint for Your Car

Car Audio City

Best window tinting for your car in San Diego

The question of how to choose the best window tint for your car may best be answered with the question of where to get your car window tinted? Choosing the best window tinting involves a detailed understanding of window tinting brands, state regulations, installation techniques, and which combination of factors result in the most stylish tint, with the most functional protections for your car.

Know your tint options

Not all car window tints are created equal. The best window tinting costs more, of course, and will generally look better and last longer. However, some lower quality brands may be suitable, when installed by the right hands. 

Differences in window film options include how dark the tint is, which color is it, and how reflective it is. Some of these options may simply come down to a choice of style, while others will affect functionality. For example, a UV reflecting tint will virtually eliminate the long term effects of harsh sunlight on your car's dash and upholstery, while preventing its interior from heating up in the summertime. 

Understand state laws about car window tinting

Tinting your car windows is perfectly legal, but only if you remain within legal limits. The level of darkness and reflection allowed in passenger vehicles are regulated by most states.

In California, for example, there are restrictions for how dark car window tints may be, and which colors may be used. Tinted front side windows must still allow more than 88% of light in, whereas only the top four inches of the windshield may be tinted, and only with non-reflective tint. While there are no darkness restrictions for rear and rear side windows, any tint used may not be more reflective than a standard window. A qualified window tint installer in San Diego will be able to answer any questions that arise.

Ask a pro

Whether you're researching the best window tinting for your car, or concerned about the legality of your car window tint, when considering where to get your car window tinted, it's always best to entrust your car to experienced professionals, such as you'll find at Car Audio City. 

Installing car window tints look great when done properly — but a lot can go wrong when inexperienced hands try to smooth out the film. The best window tinting should look clean and stylish, and remain in great shape with minimal cleaning. In fact, getting back to California law, the state actually requires car window tints be made by certified manufacturers, and professionally installed. When asked, a driver must be prepared to show a certificate or window sticker providing both the name of the manufacturer and the installer.

Car Audio City answers all your window tinting questions

Car Audio City offers trusted, professional window tinting in San Diego, and our qualified staff can help navigate the ins and outs of choosing the best window tinting, as well as which darkness and reflective qualities will work best with your vehicle. Contact us for more information by calling (619) 474-8551.