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Why You Should Upgrade Your Car Stereo System

Car Audio City

upgrade your car stereo system in San Diego.

Whether cruising the beaches or commuting on local freeways, the soundtracks of San Diego are often provided by car stereos. Considering the enclosed space of a well-equipped car offers the most audio bang for your buck, the investment to upgrade your car stereo can increase your daily listening enjoyment tenfold.

It doesn't matter which make and model you drive, if you're still settling for the factory-installed car audio system that came with your ride, you're missing out on superior performance. Even if you shelled out for premium option when you bought your car, installing an after market car stereo will prove a tremendous upgrade to audio quality.

Here are the reasons you should upgrade your car stereo system, whether you complete your upgraded car audio installation all at once, or one component at a time. 

Upgrade your receiver

There may be plenty of reasons to upgrade your car's stock radio receiver, and the first is audio quality. Factory receivers typically offer limited amplification, so even keeping your stock speakers, installing a better receiver will boost your audio quality. 

Furthermore, unless you drive a new model car, you could be missing out on a number of hi-tech amenities. Modern receivers offer serious improvements over classic FM/AM radio, including options for satellite, and HD radio. Some even feature direct internet connectivity for your car audio, meaning you can enjoy internet radio apps such as Spotify or Pandora. Other vital modern-day receiver features to consider for your car audio installation include Bluetooth capabilities, smartphone compatibility, and USB ports. 

Upgrade your speakers

Once you've upgraded your receiver, you'll want to improve the way your speakers handle those booming tunes. Better speakers mean improved sound definition, and there's simply no way around that if you want true premium sound in your car. Car Audio City offers some of the highest rated car speakers available, including models from Alpine and JL Audio.

Upgrade your amplifier

Naturally, once you've got premium speakers in your car, you'll want to see how far you can push them, and for that you'll need to upgrade your amplifier. To truly tap the potential of your premium speakers' volume and sensitivity, we recommend installing top amplifier brands like Diesel Audio or Memphis Car Audio. An amp with four channel outputs let you access pristine stereo sound with front and rear speakers. Additionally, you might consider a dedicated amp for your subwoofer….


What, your car doesn't have a dedicated subwoofer? While it's true you can have perfectly acceptable car audio response without one, if you're really going to upgrade your car stereo to its maximum potential, you simply must bolster your bass with an adequately powered subwoofer. Car Audio City carries potent subs from renowned brands including AudioBahn and CrossFire, as well as dedicated amps to power those low Hertz channels.

Car stereos in San Diego at Car Audio City

Car Audio City provides San Diego with premium car audio installation, incorporating top brands such as Memphis Car Audio, AudioBahn, Alpine, JL Audio, Carbine Plus, CrossFire, and Diesel Audio to ensure your next car stereo upgrade makes your ride an elite listening platform, wherever you take it. Contact us for more information by giving us a call at (619) 474-8551.