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3 Essential Upgrades for Your San Diego Car

Car Audio City

Upgrade your car at car audio city National City.

It’s expensive living in San Diego, but most people would say it’s absolutely worth it. It does force you to prioritize your finances, and be smart about your purchases, though.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about investing in a new car, because “it’s time.” New cars look great, and have a lot of bells and whistles, but who wants to be locked into a car payment for the next five years?

Car Audio City specializes in premium car upgrades that can make your car look and feel like new, without the huge down payment. For a little money, you can largely improve the aesthetics and function of your vehicle. Here are a few essential upgrades we recommended for any car owner in San Diego:

Window Tinting--It’s Like Sunblock for Your Car

Especially during the hot summer months, San Diego can reach temperatures of more than 100 degree inland. We’ve all had those awful experiences of getting into a hot car after it’s been sitting outside, rolling down the windows immediately, and blasting the A/C until it cools off enough to drive.

With premium car window tinting, say goodbye to those days! Many tints block more than 90% of UV rays from entering your car, keeping it 60% cooler and protecting not only the passengers but also preserving the life of your car’s interior. Car window tinting can also provide an added layer of security for your vehicle, making it more difficult for thieves to see what’s inside.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Vehicle is Protected

Many cars come standard with an audible alarm system, which means that in case of a break in, a loud noise will sound, but that’s where the security ends. With after market products from brands like Viper and Avital, a driver can sync their smartphone to GPS their car’s location, or receive an update if it has been tampered with. Also, many after market car security systems come with remote starters, making it easy to cool down or heat up your car with just the push of a button.

Shine Bright Like an HID

Most cars come standard with halogen headlights, which emit a yellowish light and have an average lifespan of 1,000 hours (depending on your car’s energy output). When your headlights have burned out, or have become cloudy or unattractive, consider investing in HID headlights. HIDs, or high-intensity discharge lights, produce a blue-white light that is more similar to sunlight. This allows for better visibility during night driving. HID headlights also require less energy to operate, saving your car’s battery, and last longer than regular halogen bulbs (6,000-8,000 hours).

Upgrade Your Car in National City at Car Audio City

If you’re considering purchasing a new car, perhaps reconsider. At Car Audio City, we supply the best brand names in car audio and video systems, security systems, as well as wheel, headlight, and tail pipe customization. We are also an authorized Vertical Doors Lambo door installer. Call or visit our shop in National City and upgrade your car today! Give us a call at (619) 474-8551.