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Improve Your Driving Experience with HID Headlights

Car Audio City

HID headlight installation National City.

Summertime usually means a lot of night driving, whether it’s coming back from a barbecue or pulling an all-nighter on a road trip to reach your destination. Having the best visibility is imperative, especially if you’re driving on unfamiliar roads. Upgrading your regular headlights on your vehicle to HID headlights is an economical improvement that not only looks great on any car, but can increase safety for the driver as well.

You’ve probably seen HID headlights on the road, without knowing exactly what they were. “HID” stands for High Intensity Discharge lights. While most car headlights emit a yellow light, HIDs emit a blue-white light because the electricity is passed through a gas, rather than using a filament like conventional headlights. Most new luxury car models come standard with HIDs, but aftermarket HID kits are also available and can be configured to work on most cars.

Better Visibility with HID Headlights

There are many benefits associated with HID headlights. HIDs are simply brighter than conventional halogen bulbs, and since the light emitted from HIDs is most similar to daylight, nighttime driving visibility can be greatly improved. Better visibility at night can increase reaction time when it matters most, keeping you and your family safe.

Long-Lasting and Low Energy

While regular halogen headlights can fade and burn out after a few years, HID headlights maintain their light intensity and last longer. How long a bulb lasts depends on the voltage of your car, but typically an HID headlight can last three times as long as a regular headlight, lowering your overall maintenance costs.

HID headlights also used 25-30% less energy than regular bulbs. This can save you gas and is also less taxing on your car’s electrical system.

An Aesthetic Upgrade

HIDs not only offer improved functionality and visibility, they also look great! HIDs started out on luxury car models like BMW more than 30 years ago, and since then, have retained the reputation of a high-performance product. Compared to cloudy, yellow lights most older vehicles have, HIDs can bring new life to your vehicle, improving its appearance and value.

HID Headlights at Car Audio City

Since introduced, HID headlight technology has greatly improved and has allowed car owners to upgrade their vehicles for an affordable price. At Car Audio City, we offer a wide range of HID headlights and brands. Even if you purchased your headlights somewhere else, call us for an installation quote. Our customers come first, and we are always striving to provide the best service. Our sales associates will be able to identify the problem you are having with your headlights, and recommend HIDs that will work within your desired budget.

To learn more about HID headlights, LED headlights, smoke tail lights, or any of the other services we offer, call: 619-474-8551.