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Best Holiday Car Audio Financing Options

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Best Holiday Car Audio Financing Options

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The holidays get expensive, but at Car Audio City, a pair of car audio finance options make it easy to give the gift of car audio installation now, while putting off payments until after the season has passed. Depending on your own circumstances or needs, we offer two reliable ways to defer costs with car audio financing.

For a short term solution, no credit needed financing offered through Snap Finance gives you a window of three months to pay for car audio installation. This process views the purchase same as cash, with no credit check required.

Those with a strong credit history may arrange twelve-month financing, working through a Car Care One plan with Synchrony Financial. This allows for incremental rather than a lump sum Payments.

Two great plans, two great car audio finance options. Here are the details:

No Credit Needed Financing — 90 Day Payment

No credit check is required to secure a 90 day financing window through Snap Finance. There’s no interest, and no strings attached. Simply pay the full amount of your invoice within 90 days, and your payment will be treated same as cash!

  • No credit check required to apply through Snap Finance

  • Requires approval of application by Snap Finance

  • Amount qualified based on income and checking account

  • Checking account must demonstrate regular income over past six months

  • Monthly income must exceed $1000

  • Monthly checking account deposits must exceed $500

  • Checking account must have been opened no less than three months prior

  • Checking account must show no overdrafts within past 30 days

Car Audio Financing — 12 Months Lease To Own

On approved credit, our buyers may secure car audio financing worth up to $2500 towards car audio installation. Treat as a lease to own process, with inventory to be paid back over course of a full year. Those with the strongest credit rating may opt to pay the cost of invoice over a 24-month term.

  • Up to $2500 car audio financing available through Synchrony Financial

  • Requires credit check

  • This car audio finance option available to those with a credit score 620 and above

  • Full amount of car audio financing subject to approval, up to $2500

  • Depending on credit rating, financing may be paid back in 12 or potentially 24 monthly payments

  • Financing offered via Car Care One a product of Synchrony Financial

  • Requires application through Synchrony Financial

  • No interest applied during the course of the financing term. Amount of monthly payment may be scheduled for up to 15-percent of invoice amount.

Get the Best Car Audio Financing Options at Car Audio City

Contact us at Car Audio City to discuss the best holiday car audio finance options for your needs, and we’ll get you or your loved ones a car audio upgrade today!

Give us a call at (619) 474-8551 to learn about our audio financing options or visit our audio financing page HERE.