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Car Audio City in National City is San Diego's best auto shop for audio and video systems, Lambo doors installation, car security/alarms, window tinting and more.

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Same as Cash Financing for Car Audio in National City

Car Audio City

Car audio financing National City

Car Audio City offers a bevy of ways to improve anyone's ride — whether through car audio upgrades, video installation, window tinting, or uber-sexy Lambo doors! And we'd love nothing more than to help our customers enjoy these awesome improvements today, rather than that vague "someday" that never seems to come. That's why we're proud to offer same as cash financing for our installation services.

90 days same as cash

By teaming up with trusted businesses like Snap! Finance and One Road Lending, we are able to offer our customers outstanding finance options, and 90 day payment plans on a same as cash loan. 

In other words, if you want to tint the windows of your car, but don't immediately have the funds to do so, we can still do the work installing it today. Thanks to same as cash financing, you can start paying for it in three months, without paying any more than you would if you paid it up front with good old paper legal tender. The only shame is that drivers in the next lane won't be able to see the big smile on your face as you drive because your newly tinted windows will offer you three additional months of privacy.

No credit checks

What's better than 90 days, same as cash to finance your car upgrade? Without staining your credit rating with an unnecessary credit check, we can help you secure up to $2500 towards boosting your car stereo. So if you fancy a new amp, speakers, and a dedicated subwoofer, we can make it happen now, while giving you time to budget regular payments into your budget. 

Sure, you could endure the tiny output of your stock factory speakers and spend another several months wishing you could have it better. But this way, you can rock out at the same time you plan out your monthly payment schedule. You'll probably want to play something celebratory as you leave our shop, because with same as cash financing, you'll get what you pay for, even before you pay for it.

Interest free for 12 months

When you take advantage of the 90 days same as cash plans offered at Car Audio City, you may also enjoy 12 interest months on the term of your loan. Pay it off on time, and it will be like you tucked away a little extra money each month for a year, then pulled the trigger on putting a video system in your ride, or boosted its sex appeal with the installation of glamorous Lambo doors. 

Except, because you used same as cash financing, you got to enjoy the use of your upgraded auto at the same time you saved. 

How to upgrade your car with financing

Financing options mean sprucing up your car doesn't have to be a wait and see kind of deal. Visit Car Audio City the moment you're ready to upgrade your car audio, stereo, windows, or security — and not a moment later! Give us a call at (619) 474-8551 or fill out our contact form.