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7 Necessary Summer Car Care Tips

Car Audio City

Get your car ready for summer in San Diego.

Summer is a time for long weekends at the beach and road trips. Wherever you go this summer, you want your car to remain in tip top shape while you take advantage of all the sunny destinations that beckon. Here are a few tips to make sure your drive time stays both comfortable and smooth.

Keep it cool

Your car's cooling system needs to be ready for the summer demands you place on it, so check your coolant levels, and top off if need be. If your hoses haven't been checked in a while, make sure they remain firm and securely connected.

Keep yourself cool

The joy of driving tends to evaporate fairly quickly once your air conditioning breaks down just when you need it most. The beginning of summer is the crucial time to make sure your air conditioning is free of leaks, and filled with refrigerant. While you're at it, replace the cabin air filter to keep the AC pumping clean air — a dirty filter can make long rides uncomfortable at any temperature.

Inspect the tires

Hot weather raises the air pressure in your tires, which means it’s a good idea to monitor tire pressure to make sure it stays where you want it. It also means you'll want to check them for wear —  the added stress of changing temperatures on worn treads could literally flat tire your summer plans. 

Top off your wiper fluids

Of course, you're not expecting any rain this summer. But when you think about it, the drier the windshield, the more you need wiper fluid to keep it clean as you drive through dirt and dust and splattering insects. Summer is the time you most need there to be plenty of windshield wiper fluid in that reservoir!

Put on shades

Just like you wear sunglasses in the summer to protect your eyes, you'll want to put shades on your car. Propping a sun shade in your windshield will keep your dash and upholstery from losing color by the end of August. Window tinting in San Diego is the best way to filter out harmful UV rays from side and rear glass, and helps your car look cooler in the process. Same as cash financing can help.

Clean it up

Of course, if you really want your car to look great this summer, it simply needs a wash. Give it a good clean and wax to protect your paint job from the hot and dusty days, and clear out the interior to add to the feeling you get on the freedom of the open road.

Turn up the volume

Probably the most fun way to ready your ride for summer is to upgrade your sound with a fresh car audio installation. Better speakers, a more powerful amp, and dedicated subwoofer are just a few of the crucial components needed to make car audio in San Diego stand out. 

Get Your Car Ready for Summer at Car Audio City

This summer, Car Audio City in San Diego is offering car audio specials including car audio financing that provides terms at 90 days same as cash. Contact us today at (619) 474-8551, ride in style all summer long.