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Why Choose JL Audio Speakers For Your Car

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Why Choose JL Audio Speakers For Your Car

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Car audio speaker brands come and go — it’s a competitive business — so we understand that customers rely on our experience and expertise to help choose the best products and the best value for a car stereo upgrade. One brand we’re happy to feature is the ever reliable JL Audio.

Adaptable to Different Wants and Needs

One of the reasons we like JL Audio, is that San Diego drivers have diverse needs when it comes to a car stereo upgrade. The size, style, and model of your car may require different types of JL Audio speakers, and thanks to an assortment of products designed to cater to different budgets and features, there are always JL Audio speakers and amplifiers that fit. For example, some cars warrant using coaxial speakers, meaning one speaker packages a woofer with a dome tweeter affixed within its center. Others will be more easily served by discrete component speakers, which separate woofer and tweeter signals to individual speakers, allowing them to be pushed harder without revealing signal distortion.

Use of Upgraded Materials

Stock car audio systems are often designed more for profit margins than they are quality, so at a bare minimum, choosing to invest in an upgraded system should include selecting components made with superior materials. JL Audio strives for audio quality, so JL Audio Speakers incorporate better performing materials, whether it means using silk dome tweeters, studier speaker baskets to reduce unwanted vibrational distortion, or composite materials that conduct signals faster for more accurate crossover circuits. In other words, music will come through far less fuzzy around the edges than stock paper and foam parts can provide.

Specialization Yields Results

Many car audio brands attempt to package entire car audio systems along with a litany of other offerings, and the lack of focus often reveals itself with cut corners and diminished returns. JL Audio started as a speaker brand, and has never lost sight of the importance of making sure every component is designed with quality in mind.

A fine example would be JL Audio subwoofers. Too many car audio systems look at powerful representation of low frequencies as an afterthought. They might value bass notes in the human audible range, but the truth is, sub-audible bass can prove just as important to a high fidelity listening experience, contributing that thump sensation you can feel in your chest. Pulling that off in a car audio system requires intelligently engineered speaker design, and sufficient amplification to power it. JL Audio delivers both, because the brand maintains a dedication on creating audio speakers and amplifiers that bring out the best in them.

Car Audio City Chooses JL Audio

For JL Audio products in San Diego, look no further than Car Audio City. We offer a comprehensive lineup of JL Audio speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofer and experienced professional installation. Tell us your needs, and we’ll find the best JL Audio solution.