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How To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

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The question of how to prevent car theft only becomes more important as you add high value entertainment systems, and other amenities, to your vehicle. We live in a relatively safe city, so car alarms in San Diego will often be enough. But there are always extra steps we can take to ensure our beloved automobiles 

Secure your parked car

It sounds like, “How to prevent car theft 101,” but it warrants mentioning: roll up your windows and lock your doors. It’s amazing how many people forget the simplest means of car theft prevention. Many car thieves, who would bypass your car 99 times out of 100, will suddenly be very interested to notice windows down, giving them full access to your ride. It’s called a crime of opportunity. Sadly, indigent folks commonly check car doors when no one is looking, just in case a car is unlocked for them to ransack.

Park in a public area


Finding a parking spot in the city can be challenging, but when possible, a good car theft prevention technique is to only park in public places where there are always people about. In many ways, a crowd is the best anti theft device, because no criminal wants to be seen breaking into a car, or caught red handed triggering an aftermarket alarm system. Try to avoid parking in dark alleys, or on other unlit, low-traffic public streets.

Don’t leave valuables in your car

Even if you’ve already installed window tinting at Car Audio City, there’s a chance criminals will notice when you leave bags, tools, cash, or other valuable items in your car. When such things are visible through car windows, it adds extra incentive for a thief to break into your car, and ultimately wind up stealing it. If you must have valuables in your car, secure them in a trunk, and consider installing an aftermarket alarm system for added protection.

Use a physical anti theft device

A number of different kinds of anti theft devices have been popular for a number of years, from a steering wheel lock to a secret kill switch that disables your car ignition. None of these are full proof, and cars are more commonly stolen by professional thieves who know how to bypass such efforts. Nevertheless, a physical anti theft device may serve as a visible deterrent, signaling to potential criminals that you have taken steps to protect your property.

Install a GPS recovery tool

Technically, auto recovery technology isn’t designed to prevent your car from being stolen. However, in the unlikely event all of the above options fail, this can help bring your car back, and potentially bring its thief to justice.

Install a car alarm

The most reliable car theft prevention may still be your car’s alarm system. If your car came pre-installed with a substandard car alarm system, or none at all, it’s easy to install a quality aftermarket alarm system. 

At Car Audio City, we are the best shop to find car alarms in San Diego. We’ll show you the ropes on most effectively choosing the best anti theft device and car theft prevention techniques, beginning with experienced, professional installation. Check out our car alarm specials.