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The Best Car Stereo Brands To Buy

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car stereo brands to buy

We know what it's like out there for everyone trying to pick a new stereo system for their car. The options go on forever, and figuring out the right one could take weeks of research. That's just one of the reasons Car Audio City should be your first stop for a car stereo in San Diego. We still offer plenty to choose from based on your budget and needs, but we've already done the work of identifying the best car stereo brands.

Kicker Car Audio and Speakers

Started in 1973 out of a home garage, Kicker was the first audio company to make speakers exclusively designed for cars. It's still kickin, so to speak, with a fantastic lineup of car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and signal processors. Upgrading your car stereo system with this Oklahoma company's specialized products ensures your drive-time music will play both loud and clear.

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Alpine Car Audio Speakers 

This Japanese company has been considered one of the world's best car stereo brands since it launched in 1967. Alpine often leads the way in car audio innovation, and its products cover the entire stereo system for a car, from front to back. You won't go wrong with its speakers and amps, but its receivers especially offer updated interfaces utilizing features like touchscreen control, wireless connectivity, and streaming audio.

Pioneer Car Stereo Systems

The Pioneer brand goes back as far as 1961, but the company's legend dates all the way to 1938, when founder Nozomu Matsumoto created Japan's first high fidelity speaker inside his radio repair shop. Pioneer's reputation for speaker quality has never diminished, but these days you're most likely to notice Pioneer's complete stereo systems for cars topping of consumer electronics "best of the year" lists, particularly it's tech-savvy assortment of user-friendly receivers, which offer the best all-around features you could look for in a car stereo.

Kenwood Car Stereo Systems 

In its 80 year history, this Japanese brand that started out manufacturing radios has become one of the world's leaders in digital audio technologies. Still a favorite among amateur radio enthusiasts, today Kenwood's better known as one of the planet's best car stereo brands. It's top tier multimedia interfaces integrate with components including onboard navigation, dashboard cameras, amplifiers, and some of the best reviewed speakers around.

JL Audio Subwoofers

Founded by childhood friends in Florida in 1975, JL Audio is well known to audiophiles for a host of reasons, but chief among them the crisp, round bass of its subwoofers. The company led the way in the development of car subwoofers, and creates some of the absolute best on the market, along with high end speakers for entire discrete stereo systems for cars. Don't make a decision on the best car stereo brands for your car before you've listened to some JL bass.

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