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What Is the Best Marine Audio System?

Car Audio City

The best marine audio system San Diego

The waters in and around San Diego provide many incredible boating opportunities, nearly all of which can be made better by a quality boat stereo system. But investing in a system is only worthwhile if it’s durable enough to survive coastal weather conditions. A good marine stereo should be powerful enough to be heard over engines or sails and engineered to withstand rigors of saltwater, sun, fog, and corrosive winds.

At Car Audio City, we love to apply our extensive audio installation experience to a good marine audio system, and when we reach for the best marine audio system, we go for the waterproof speakers and other components of Kicker Audio.

Waterproof vs. Water-resistant

Whether your craft is designed for a leisurely sail or hard-core wakeboarding session, you can always count on water to be one thing: wet. A water-resistant speaker enclosure may protect against light splashes and mist, but eventually, a storm or fog will dampen internal components and eat away its connections. A good marine audio system should start with certified waterproof speakers and enclosures, and continue that philosophy from circuit board to connector cable.


The coaxial waterproof speaker designs of Kicker Audio create sealed, rustproof enclosures, combining titanium tweeters and high-grade polymer woofers that have been treated to withstand UV exposure. The locking terminal seals keep moisture out of the speaker connections and cables, and the speaker grilles are designed to drain any standing water around the speaker cone.

Kicker also provides free air bass technology so it’s waterproof subwoofers may be mounted where there’s no room for boxy enclosures. And for added potency, enclosed speaker sets allow a speaker to be mounted on wakeboard tower systems. Kicker thought of everything.


The waterproof approach should likewise extend to electronic components. Some people think car audio components can double as boat stereo systems, but the moment the fog seeps in, those internal circuits will be exposed to salt and water, and hardware and connectors may be prone to rust.

Kicker Audio components meet or exceed boating industry standards. Its amps feature sealed enclosures, stainless-steel hardware, waterproof cables, and marine grade terminals work to keep heavy water out. And, just in case,  Kicker’s marine audio amplifiers are engineered with conformal-coated circuit boards, to prevent moisture from damaging internal electronics.

Source Units

All of these important climate protections are important, but so are a marine audio system’s waterproof user interfaces. Kicker’s marine audio receivers are Bluetooth capable for smartphone control, and also feature multiple remote controls to be placed around the boat. They even include multi-zone controls, so you may raise volume near the engine, for example, while keeping it at more pleasant listening levels at the bow.

Check out Kicker Marine Audio Systems at Car Audio City

We want to help you find the best boat stereo system for your seaworthy vessel. Contact us today to learn about our favorite waterproof speakers and components. Give us a call at (619) 474-8551.