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The Best Holiday Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

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As the holidays roll around, we have some great gift ideas for the people in your life who love nothing more than rolling around in their cars. Whether they're neat little electronic devices, or something outrageously cool like Lambo door installations, the best holiday gifts for car enthusiasts are the ones that will take them by surprise — better yet, something they would never think to get for themselves.

Satellite radio

San Diego radio stations haven't exactly gotten better in recent years, which means it's of greater value than ever for a car to be equipped with satellite radio. Sirius XM features an endless menu of satellite radio channels providing commercial-free music and talk radio programming, including news, sports, weather, traffic, and myriad special interests — it all adds up to more pleasurable driving. Car audio city routinely installs satellite radio equipment in cars, and it makes a great gift — especially with a premium speaker upgrade!

Dash cam

Dash cameras have already become commonplace in many parts of Europe, Asia, and South America, particularly in countries where lax regulation of roads and highways leads to high instances of insurance fraud. While a forward facing dash cam can protect liability in the event of an accident or incident, updated dash cameras often feature additional rear view cameras to watch your backside, and wide angle visibility that becomes a valuable security feature, providing parking surveillance of the area surrounding your vehicle — which can help a car enthusiast feel safe about parking their precious ride under sketchy circumstances. It's not the sexiest gift for car enthusiasts, but it's thoughtful.

Heads up display

Part GPS navigation module, part smart phone interface, a heads up display unit (hud) puts all the information you need to navigate or access in-transit phone apps above the dash. Some newer car models come with a built-in hud, but a growing segment of aftermarket huds make it simple to add one to your ride. The best may be the handy little navdy unit, which learns to recognize hand gestures so you can operate navigation and hands-free phone features without having to push any buttons. It also syncs with a simple control module that attaches to the steering wheel for greater drive-time control.

Back up camera

Beginning in the 2018 model year, the national highway traffic safety administration has determined rear view, a.K.A. Backup cameras, are mandatory standard equipment in all new auto vehicles. That doesn't mean all previous model years need to be retro-fitted, but doing so sure makes an excellent holiday gift for car enthusiasts. Car audio city has lots of experience installing back up cameras in san Diego — parallel parking doesn't get easier.

Lambo doors

Lambo door installation at Car Audio City 

By far the coolest holiday gift you can give a car enthusiast is a set of Lambo doors. Inspired by Lamborghini doors, which swing up to open instead of out, Lambo doors are also called scissor doors, vertical doors, or butterfly doors. Whatever you call them, the gift of Lambo door installations proves an incredibly thoughtful gesture for car enthusiasts, and also anyone among your friends and family who enjoys a stylish ride. It doesn't need to be a sports car — Lambo door installation kits allow qualified installers to convert any car, truck, or SUV. 

At car audio city, we find the best results installing Lambo doors with kits by vertical doors, Inc. That's why we only use vertical doors, and are an authorized vertical doors dealer, offering a lifetime warranty on installations, and the lowest prices on Lambo door installation in San Diego.