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What Are the Best Car Alarm Brands?

Car Audio City

Viper car alarm installation best brands.

We don’t goof around when it comes to car alarms. Whether or not you’ve invested in upgrades such as premium car audio, video systems, or lambo doors, car security is not a luxury to do without. Our customers expect their car alarms to perform at a high level, and so do we. That’s why we carry the best car alarm brands: Viper and Avital.

When it comes to choosing the best car alarm brands, there are four general aspects to consider: user interface, available features, quality of construction, and value for the price. We feel that Viper and Avital car alarm systems offer the best combination of all four.

Viper Car Alarms

One of the best-known car alarm brands on the market, Viper has set the standard for user experience by remaining at the forefront of smartphone integration. Cars have gotten nearly as smart as phones over the past few years, and a properly integrated car alarm can bridge the two technologies, allowing you to access car features such as remote start, climate controls, and even on-board cameras through the touchscreen device in your pocket.

Whether or not all of your car’s systems are compatible with car alarm smartphone integration, two-way remote systems offered by Viper will let you access your car security features from extended distances. Depending on the range of the car alarm remote, they can let you know when your car alarm is triggered, even if you’re physically too far away to hear it.

Loaded with advanced, easy to use features, and constructed with quality materials, Viper car alarms receive our top recommendation.

Avital Car Alarms

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck from a car alarm and car security system, it’s hard not to like Avital car alarms. While an Avital car alarm may not offer the most advanced and up to date technologies that Viper car alarms do, it does offer all the standard benefits of conventional car alarm systems for a fraction of the price of comparable competitors.

Avital’s two-way car alarm systems offer benefits such as remote start and real-time updates of your car’s secure status. It links to sensors installed within the car to let you know when an alarm is triggered, and yet savvy enough to let you know when it’s likely a false alarm.

We like Avital car alarms for those looking for a budget alternative to protect premium upgrades or add remote functionality to older model cars.

Shop for the best Car Alarm Brands at Car Audio City

As an installer of car alarms and car security systems in San Diego, Car Audio City seeks out the best car alarm brands on the market. Contact us today by calling (619) 474-8551 to talk about it.