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Viper Car Alarms, Security & More at Car Audio City

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viper car alarms and security 

Protecting your ride is kind of a big deal, especially when you've invested in a worthwhile car audio system! That's why Car Audio City takes installing the best car alarms and security systems seriously.

As an authorized Viper dealer, we take great pride in being able to offer our customers Viper security systems. The cutting edge, high tech attributes of Viper car alarms bring an added sense of control to your car's security system, as well as a few additional benefits that upgrade any vehicle with updated car options.

Window tinting

Viper Security options include window tinting capable of filtering out both infrared heat and ultraviolet light. While those will make your car a much more comfortable place to spend time, it also addresses security concerns by adding privacy. Better yet, Viper automotive films include a variety of stylish colors, so you may improve on your car's looks at the same time you're making it safer.

Car alarms

Viper security system are widely considered among the most advanced car alarms and security systems in the business, which is why Car Audio City has qualified as an authorized Viper dealer. Viper car alarms may protect cars with digital tilt motion sensors, glass breaking sensors, and field disturbance sensors — which may even protect a convertible with its top down. Options include a programmable voice system, which may warn would-be thieves, in your own voice, that your car is protected by Viper security. That may be enough to chase them off before the alarm siren sounds!

Keyless entry

Keyless entry has become a fairly common feature in contemporary cars, but even if your ride is older than the trend, Viper accessories can give you keyless access. The ability to remotely lock — and unlock — your car from a distance makes it much easier to be sure all your car doors are locked after you park, while keyless allows you to quickly enter your vehicle without fumbling for a key or fob; a definite security plus late at night.

Remote start

A step up from keyless entry is remote start — another  great example of Viper accessories being used to update your car to futuristic modern standards. From a distance, you'll be able to turn on your car's ignition, as well as its climate control systems. So, on a cold morning, you may start warming up the engine and cabin before leaving your house. On a hot summer day, you'll be able to start up the AC before you go outside, so you don't have to sit in 100-degree-plus temperatures!

Viper smart start

Undoubtedly the coolest option with a Viper security system is the option for Viper smart start. The installation of a smart start system allows you to interact with your car through your smart phone. It means you'll be able to locate your ride, wherever you parked it. You'll also be able to start, lock and unlock it, and remotely start your car. And when you've downloaded the Viper smart start app, holding your phone also provides keyless entry!

Car Audio City is an authorized Viper brand dealer

For the best car alarms and security systems, including Viper car alarms and Viper smart start, contact Car Audio City at (619) 474-8551 today!