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Enhance Your Vehicle with an After Market Video System

Car Audio City

Car video player & DVD monitor.

According to a AAA survey in 2015, 60% of Americans planned to take a road trip at some point last year, traveling 50 miles or more from home. That’s a lot of people hitting the wide open road, and a lot of hours clocked behind the wheel.

For families, and especially those with small children, driving to a destination can be a more economical and comfortable way to travel compared to flying. However, as any parent knows, the challenge of entertaining your children during a trip can be an all too real struggle.

Luckily, after market car video system can solve the problem! Nowadays, there are tons of options when it comes to upgrading your vehicle and installing a video system, and most can be done for pretty cheap. Here are some of the most popular options we offer at Car Audio City:

In-Dash Entertainment Systems

In-dash entertainment systems with DVD receivers can be easily installed into any vehicle and can provide a wide range of functions. The in-dash system can stream video to other screens in the car, sync with a backup camera, or can provide entertainment from the main console. However, if you plan on watching a movie from the in-dash display, it can only be operational if the car is parked and the emergency brake is enabled. This is due to strict safety guidelines.

An in-dash system can easily connect to screens in other parts of the vehicle, but if you want to give backseat passengers access to controls and the freedom of selecting different things to watch, a flip down entertainment system or headrest monitors might be the best option.

Flip Down Monitor and DVD Player

A number of reputable brands make these products, including Pioneer, Performance Teknique, and Nitro. A flip down DVD system can be installed on the interior roof of the car, and can be controlled with a remote. Some may transmit sound through your own car’s speakers, and some options come with built in speakers, in addition to HDMI connections.

Headrest Monitors and DVD Player

Headrest monitors often come standard with their own DVD dock, allowing for right and left side passengers to choose different movies to view. Many also feature headphone jacks, so each passenger can listen privately and the noise in the car can be kept to a minimum. Perhaps you have a child who prefers “Frozen” and another who is more of a “Jurassic Park” fan? Now, no one has to compromise and you can keep the peace in the backseat.

Best Car Video Player Installation

At Car Audio City, we understand the need for a car upgrade to not only look good, but function properly. Our skilled sales associates can help advise you on the best video system based on your car, your needs, and your budget. Don’t set out on a road trip this summer without visiting Car Audio City first! Give us a call at (619) 474-8551.