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Essential Apps to Enhance Your Driving Experience

Car Audio City

Best apps for your car in San Diego.

Nowadays almost anything can be done on a phone—it’s how we stay connected to people, pay our bills, track our activity and health data, and even drive more efficiently. It’s no wonder more and more companies have focused on app development in recent years—our phones don’t leave our sides!

Even though many of newest car models are already coming stocked with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, you can still have the “smart car” experience by just downloading a few essential apps to make your car driving experience more efficient, safer, and even more fun!

HUDWAY (free)

HUDWAY is navigation app that is available for both Apple and Android, and comes in handy when driving in challenging weather conditions. We don’t get much snow here in San Diego, but driving in the fog and rain can be common in the fall and winter. HUDWAY minimizes your chances of getting into an accident by projecting driving directions onto your windshield, allowing you to focus on the conditions ahead and not have to look down at your phone. Just place your phone on your dash, and let HUDWAY do the rest.  The app alerts you to when a dangerous curve is fast approaching, and the voice assistant tells you to slow down. You will love having HUDWAY as your co-pilot on your next road trip adventure.

GasBuddy (free)

In this day and age of constantly fluctuating gas prices, GasBuddy is the free solution for finding the cheapest gas in just a few seconds. Search by area code or GPS your location to find the nearest gas station with the lowest prices. The app also allows for you to turn your cost-savings into a game. Report gas prices during your travels and earn points for cash prizes. It’s a win-win! Available on the Android and Apple App Store.

PinPark (free)

This is the app you wish you had when you parked last week at Fashion Valley amidst the chaos of holiday shoppers. PinPark will save your location when you park somewhere new and can provide you with directions to find your car if you cannot find it. The app also allows you to leave details about your parking, like cross streets or parking levels, in addition to setting a timer to remind you when your meter is almost up. Snap an optional picture of your car to remember your surroundings.

Carcorder ($1.99)

The Carcorder app is available for iOS and is the next best thing to mounting a GoPro on your dash. Carcorder turns your phone into a video recorder simply by mounting it on your dash. You can switch between various resolutions to preserve battery life, and even have the app alert you if you are speeding. Why do you need to record you drive, you may ask? Capture beautiful scenery and wildlife without fumbling for your phone, or use the recorded footage should you ever be involved in a fender bender or accident.

Enhance Your Vehicle in National City

At Car Audio City in National City, we offer a wide range of products that integrate seamlessly with your smartphone. Whether it’s a touchscreen in-dash, stereo or even security system, our professional sales associates will help you find the right fit for your car and budget. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call at (619) 474-8551.